Working at Footsage vs Working at A Massage Spa

Footsage is an on demand massage delivery service. “We deliver the massage, in the comfort of your home, office or hotel”. Working at Footsage translates to value for services provided.

Footsage massage therapists earn better pay with less hours worked compared to traditional walk in massage spas. Our massage therapists earn between $60-$70 an hour compared to massage spas where therapists earn $17-$20 an hour.

Footsage 90 minutes massage sessions allows the therapist to earn $100.00 per session before tips.

Three 90 minutes massage sessions is 4.5 hours hands on. The massage therapist earns $300 before tips. At massage spas, working for 4.5 hours at $20 an hour earns the massage therapist $90. This clearly shows the difference in time and money that working at Footsage offers.

home massage, massage delivery
Massage in the comfort of your home

On average, a massage therapist should not work for more than 5 hours a day hands on. This is to help avoid injury to one’s hands which can shorten the career of the massage therapist. However, most massage therapists don’t earn enough income in the recommended time frame, so they work more hours to have a decent income. Some massage therapists work for 8 hours or more hands on in a day.

The benefits of contracting with Footsage includes a great circle of clients procured through our efficient and effective marketing efforts, Flexible scheduling which allows you to choose the days and times you work, Priority safety measures that monitors check-in and check-out, great pay, and quick pay options.

massage tips, after service tips
Massage tips after service

Time is money so choose your options wisely. To get started you will need your certification, reliable transportation and general liability insurance. Please apply now at and get value for your services.