back massage

How Do Massage Therapist Feel About Clients Falling Asleep & Snoring During Your Massage?

Massage therapists go through a lot during a massage. While some people will chat away the entire session, others sleep ...
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A woman being massaged

What Are the Benefits of a Full Body Massage in The Comfort of Your Home?

The benefits of a massage are well documented in history. Massage therapy is part of a traditional holistic system of ...
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A woman getting a massage at a spa

Working at Footsage vs Working at A Massage Spa

Footsage is an on demand massage delivery service. “We deliver the massage, in the comfort of your home, office or ...
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5 Things You Should Do For Your Massage Therapist

Footsage is, Pain Relief Delivered In The Comfort Of Your Home, Office or Hotel. With on demand massage delivery, you ...
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