How Do Massage Therapist Feel About Clients Falling Asleep & Snoring During Your Massage?

Massage therapists go through a lot during a massage. While some people will chat away the entire session, others sleep peacefully while others snore loudly and the special batch even start talking in their sleep. To start with, no massage therapist will complain about you falling asleep during your massage. The massage therapist aims to make you feel relaxed and stress-free. This is a combination that is signified by a smile and drifting away to sleep most of the time.

relaxing massage, sleeping during a massage

.Today, you don’t have to visit a massage therapist at a spa. When you schedule for the in-home massage, sleeping is almost inevitable. This is where you are most comfortable and now, the massage eases muscle pain and relaxes all your muscles as well. Your entire body relaxes and you drift away to sleep.

But how does the massage therapist feel?

First of all, sleeping during a massage is normal. For those who have ever received a relaxing massage delivered by an incredibly skilled massage therapist, falling asleep is inevitable. Most of the massage therapists take sleeping during a massage session as a compliment. Even though not everyone falls asleep peacefully, it isn’t abnormal to fall asleep and snore during a massage.

relaxing massage, massage
relaxing massage

Delivering a relaxing massage is one of the services where falling asleep is a compliment. A massage therapist understands that if the massage is soothing and relaxing, the brain is wired to sleep and go into a natural healing state. Sleeping and snoring during a massage shows the level of comfort and relaxation the client experiences during the massage session.

Second, it shows the level of trust that the client feels towards the therapist. Nothing says that you trust your massage therapist more than falling asleep during a massage. If you were insecure or anxious during a massage, falling asleep is tough. A lot of thoughts are racing in your mind and your brain isn’t at ease plus your body isn’t relaxed making falling asleep a challenge. However, not falling asleep doesn’t mean you don’t trust your massage therapist. Not everyone falls asleep during the massage.

Massage therapists now deliver a massage in the comfort of your home. This means added comfort, peace and relaxation on top of the massage. Most people can’t help but fall asleep during a massage.

Having a relaxing back massage
Back Massage

In as much as it’s good for the massage therapist to know the client is satisfied with a massage when the client sleeps, it might become weird sometimes. Massage therapists have experienced clients who go into a deep sleep and start dreaming and talking loudly in their sleep. This might make it weird and awkward and if you have nightmares during the massage, it’s even worse. Feeling drowsy and sleepy during a massage is normal falling asleep and snoring is also normal.

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